Why Would Anyone Need a Mylife Refund?

Recently the social network Mylife has made a big deal over its refund policy. I guess I can understand why the company wants to make its users feel safe and secure by letting them know that they can always cancel their accounts with full refunds. At the same time, I have a hard time understanding why anyone would want to cancel.

Mylife Makes It Really Easy to Find People

I joined Mylife because I wanted to find some old classmates that I hadn’t seen in years. Within minutes, I had tracked them down and gotten their contact information.

This was something that I had already spent a lot of time on. Google, Facebook, and other sites just didn’t make it easy for me to find old friends. Even when I got results that matched the names I was looking for, the sites never gave me any information that would help me decide whether “John Doe” is the John Doe I grew up with or if he’s just some other guy with the same name.

With Mylife, it was easy to tell the difference between people. As long as I knew some basic facts about my friends, I could distinguish them from people who just happen to have the same names. I was even able to find women who had gotten married and changed their names.

Mylife Refunds

Get a Mylife Account Unless You Really Need to Save Money

A Mylife premium account doesn’t cost much, but I guess I can understand that some people are trying to cut all unnecessary expenses just to survive in this economy. For me, though, MyLife has been a great investment that has saved me plenty of time, not to mention awkward long distance phone calls to people I don’t know.

If you really need to save $10 or so a month, then I guesses it makes sense to cancel your account. Really, though, I think it’s worth it in every way.